Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our First Retreat

I have had EQ7 for about a year and have messed with it just enough to be dangerous.  A few months ago at the North Carolina Symposium, I took a class by my fellow board member, Cindy Williams.  It was fabulous class on pieced borders.  It was obvious from her class and the equally fabulous book she's written that she knows more about EQ7 than anyone I know.  So I asked her if she'd be interested in teaching a class.

Well, of course, she would love to do that.

Could we turn it into a mini retreat...say somewhere wonderful like Montreat?

Even better!

So, after a little planning and coordinating, a small group of us met at the historic Assembly Inn in Montreat, North Carolina.

Yesterday afternoon, Karen and I anxiously awaited our guests in the lobby of the Inn.

We then went into town and ate way too much at the Black Mountain Bistro.  When we got back to the inn, some turned in for the night but some of us stayed up doing hand work and telling stories.  My cheeks still hurt from laughing!

Saturday Cindy got us started early and by mid-afternoon, we were all designing quilts and blocks and feeling all powerful with our new skills.

I believe our first Sew Sisters retreat was a roaring success.  Everyone was giddy and seemed to have a great time.

And you better believe we schemed all the way home about what we can do stay tuned!!!


  1. You're on your way now, I can't wait to see the fruits of your labor! :)

  2. You didn't mention the fabric shopping on the way home! Thanks for sending the Siamese cats home with me!

  3. If you have another retreat, I need(!) to go. I have EQ and feel so lost.

  4. Yep, it was wonderful: fun, inspiring, educational & community building. Seems to me creativity blossoms in community. This was my first retreat with these folks, and i felt very welcomed and comfortable. So glad i went. Thanks to both you "Sew Sisters."

  5. I just learned of you.. PLEASES let me know when your next retreat is.. Id LUV to come to it!
    I'm in driving distance. See St. Marys.. Georgia on the coast and GA/ FL border.